19.Christine Hegenderfer(non-registered)
Your photos are truly awesome Simply gorgeous!!! thank you for sharing. looking forward to next years exhibit.
18.Jeannine Jarvis Lynn(non-registered)
I am so in awe of my beautiful daughter's amazing talent. My favorite one does not seem to be on here though. I names it "The Stairway to Heaven"-it is just beautiful-Ginger could you put it on here?
17.Roxanne Self(non-registered)
I have been loving your work for years. Try to pass it on. Do you ever see my craft?
16.Glenn McCarthy(non-registered)
Just to let you know that I like all of your work Ginger. Excellent!
15.Ben DeVries(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Ginger, and so happy know a fellow Christian and artist who cares so much for God's creatures! Ben
14.sarah davis(non-registered)
Beautiful pics!!!!!!! Someone is very talented!!!!
13.Nancy Rich(non-registered)
Your photography captures your passion for "all things beautiful".
12.Karl K(non-registered)
Great website and great images. I love the ocean sunset shots. And of course the GSMNP. The action shots of kayaking and rock climbing are exhilarating. "Capuring the moment"
11.Margaret martin-jones(non-registered)
Ginger, I love this, so proud for you and of you!!!
You are very gifted not only in photography but all aspects of life. So glad you are my sister (in-law),and someone who gives back to nature. The pictures are amazing and I hope you go out west and take pictures of my favorite places. God bless you!!!!!
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